Mindmistress: Think you've mastered walking again? Bowman: Think so. Baby steps seem to work... Mindmistress: Now let's test your speed...I'm throwing this baseball at that tree---catch it---before it hits.Bowman: Wow! I did it!! Speed increases with the square of power---you're a hundred times stronger---but ten times faster. I have some protective gear for you--- Bowman: Capes? Spandex?

Bowman: This looks awful! Like a giant mushroom head---the Ultimate's costume was much cooler. Mindmistress: Unfortunately, this is functional.  Your skeleton is diamond-hard now...but your brain pan needs...cushioning.Mindmistress: Your boots triple your weight, anchoring you like divers' boots---the outer, weighed portion easily detaches----for long leaps. Bowman: So I seemingly weigh six pounds, not two--? But--why??

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