Bowman: So you did this to--?  Uh oh. What's that??  Mindmistress: That's a gateway---to where my fellow neohuman is being held.  Bowman: And me--? Mindmistress: You stay here. Dangerous.Mindmistress: Well, so much for obeying orders... Bowman: Don't try an front of an actor. The treatment...the tasks...the needed help...and made me to help.

Mindmistress: Okay, but be careful--you make a leap off this path, and you can end up...anywhere. Bowman: Anywhere on Earth? Or...the  universe? Mindmistress: Anywhere. Ina ny reality. Bowman: Almost there...Bowman: Where are we? Mindmistress: Tibet. Bowman: Tibet?? In Asia?? Under Chinese control? Mindmistress: By the three days, unless I change  you back--you'll go mad.  Bowman: Oh. I will??

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