Innkeepher: Shuronahng.  Bowman: I can't talk Tibetan---but why aren't people freaking? Two Americans in Chinese territory---without passports or papers---dressed like superheroes---or video games.  Mindmistress: Look in the mirror.Mindmistress: That's what they see---a visiting Peking professor---and her Mongolian bodyguard. I disguise us both---with illusions. That's a myth. Bowman: Wow. Hidden...but real...superheroes.

Mindmistress (Caption): Anyway--they're telling me of an African-american who came through here---looking for a Chinese major, Kun Wei Tai. He disappeared looking for a Chinese mountain complex.Mindmistress: That' s odd...they're calling Major Kun...Pa-Ri...Ri-Pa would mean 'mountain man'...but Pa-Ri would mean...'Man-Mountain'.  Bowman: Whopee.  We're looking for the African-American, right?

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