Forceful: I like this Kyidrong Tenak soup... Mindmistress: This Ngoe-thang soup is delicious, too... Bowman: So..what've you found out about this...Kun Wei Tai? Mindmistress: Well...he's an interesting character...Mindmistress (Caption): He came to Tibet as a baby, when his father was stationed here. His father was a dreamer...anticipating NORAD by several years, conceiving an atomic weapon-proof mountain complex

Mindmistress (Caption): His father was assigned to build a missle base inside one of Tibet's mountains. Fully one-fourth of China's missiles are stored in Tibet...including two known mountain bases.Mindmistress (Caption): Then the Cuban Missile Crisis happened...Russia backed down from Kennedy, and spared the world a nuclear war...including his young son. A mountain-shield their only real protection.

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