Mindmistress (Caption): So, half a decade before Norad was operational, a much larger complex was built---studded with both optical and radio telescopes---under a mountain much larger than Cheyenne Mountain.Mindmistress (Caption):His son, Kun Wei Tai, grew up more interested in China's fledgling space program---and how satellites and cybernetics could enhance China's security.  He studied at the Sorbonne in Paris--

Mindmistress (Caption): There he met another science major, an American neurology student named Elijah Burns, who became a fraternity brother of his. They explored the alleys--and bars---of Paris together.Bowman: Elijah Burns---that's the other neohuman supermind, right? So, 'Dr. Daniels'---what's your real name?  Mindmistress: Sorry, that has to be kept secret--people'd kill to make an army of superstrong maniacs.

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