Mindmistress (Caption): When Kun Wei Tai returned, a local Tibetan girl named Rinjin---'Precious Jewel'--caught his eye. But the locals are ---reluctant to say more than that.  It ended tragically.Mindmistress (Caption): He worked on the automation and cybernetic control of his father's complex.  Kun Wei Tai: I sense the missiles-- Mindmistress (Caption): One directing intelligence could take over many of the functions with his help.

Mindmistress (Caption): With remotely-controlled bulldozers, and radio-telescopes that moved at a thought--one person could replace an entire command center. The Chinese military was impressed; and gave him free rein.Bowman: Until--?  Mindmistress: No one will say.  It's tied in with the other tragedy.  The Chinese no longer maintain that base---and the area's shunned.  Bowman: --And Burns disappeared---heading that way.

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