Mindmistress (Caption): Rinjin and Kon Wei Tai soon married---in the Tibetan fashion--in a ceremony of the laying on of scarves. Here his official biography comes to an end.Bowman: So...are we still the 'Peking Professor' and her Mongol bodguard?  Mindmistress: No. I modified it so we're now perceived as a major in Chinese intelligence---with her bodyguard/chauffeur.

Bowman: Here's your first real test...a checkpoint blocking the way.  Mindmistress: Relax.  It'll work.  Bowman (Caption): Easy for her to say.  I couldn't understand a word they were yammering at us...guns ready.Chinese officer: I appreciate you letting us inspect your vehicle, Major---but---has Peking gone mad? They know the consequences if the Man-Mountain gets...annoyed... Mindmistress: We'll be careful... Chinese officer: ---Or missing.

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