Bowman:  I'm going to jog along the jeep---I can run fast eough---and it feels good to be moving.  I almost feel---high.  Mindmistress:  A sort of euphoria? It's natural...Mindmistress: Especially since you've been motionless for months....but it's more than that. It's the first stage of... Bowman: Madness?  Mindmistress: Your spine is---remormed---diamond-hard---also carrying impulses to the brain...

Mindmistress: But now...more efficiently--overwhelmingly. A normal man...would be overwhelmed in minutes.  Only your spinal damage...prevents that. ...For a while. The euphoria---the recklessness---will grow, until-- Bowman: Uh--Bowman : So is that a hallucination---a little ahead of schedule? Mindmistress:'s a remote-controlled snowplow/buldozenr---with flamethrowers, controlled by the 'man-mountain'.  Bomwna: Giant death machines---super-hero cliches.

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