Bowman: I fireproof? Come to think of it...I haven't felt cold---bare-chested---in Tibet! *Ungh*!  Mindmistress: Are you kidding? Considering how much energy you have inside you--Mindmistress: --You nearly ended up having heat vision as a safety valve. ---Your eyes do glow, releasing energy---if your internal energies don't burn you---there's nothing to fear from flames.

Bowman (Caption): Yeah.  I just leaped at the thing without a plan. Method hero-acting.  Oh, great.  I can crush each individual firehose...only to reveal two more smaller firehouses within...Bowman :Uh...a little help, here?  Caption: Here's the point where I wanted to call for my stunt man.  Whe I realized it was real, not scripted...that I could die.

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