Bowman: Heyyy....warn me on how you're going to 'save' me? Mindmistress: Sorry. I'm taking a mintue and cannibalizing parts from both machines. I have a device in mind that'll  be...useful.Bowman: Sure you don't want me to carry that for you? Mindmistress: Thanks, but it's not too heavy---and the armor multiplies my strength.  Bowman: So if you're 'Mindmistress'...what's my 'name'?

Mindmistress: A cornball superhero codename---just in case?  Bowman: The Ultimate's taken... Mindmistress: True. How about...Forceful? Bowman (Caption): Then I glanced upwards. Bowman: Uhmmmm.... Mindmistress: Don't like it? Bowman: It'll do. But look! Look up there!Forceful/Bowman: 'Cause there are two flying 'wings' heding towards us-- Mindmistress: Probably drones under remote control too-- Forceful: ---Guns blazing at mach two or so!! Duck!! I bulletproof?  Mindmistress: We'll see.

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