Mindmistress: 'Forceful'---just in case those things have listening devices---I think you need to ditch the weighed boots. Forceful: For maximum maneuverability? Mindmistress: Yep. Oh, and about your bulletproof status--Mindmistress:  --Small arms fire, yeah. If these jets use armor-piercing shells---I can't guarentee anything.  Forceful:  Yeah, yeah---ahhhh. I feel liberated.  Uncaged. I'll take my chances, boss-lady.

Mindmistress: Hey....this device I've been lugging may help you.  Forceful: Let me see what I can do---by myself.  Mindmistress: Against aircraft? This isn't a Superman or Hulk cartoon.  Forceful (caption): Doubting Thomasina.Forceful (Caption): One hundred...two hundred...three hundred feet, and I reach the apex of my leap. The two flying wings swooped down, guns blazing. Too fast to grab---to destroy.

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