Forceful: Unhh!! (Caption): Two bullets hit---like twin mule kicks. The good news? They didn't go through. The bad news? Gunfire can knock even a man in a bulletproof vest--backwards.Forceful (Caption): Mass is mass, no matter what your strength. A car slamming into Superman---and crumpling---is adolescent fantasy.  I was hurled down even quicker---like tumbling off a stepladder.

Mindmistress: Ouch. That hurts just to watch...want to listen to my plan---now? Forceful: *Unnh* By all means...let's go with plan 'B'.Mindmistress: You okay? Double vision? Ears ringing? Forceful: S'okay. It only hurts when I laugh--or move--or breathe--it's sure easier to play a hero--than be one, though.

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