Mindmistress: Sleep well? Forceful: Welllll....no, I can't honestly say I did...by the way...you snore like a buzzsaw in heat.  Mindmistress: I do not snore. Forceful: Do, too. Mindmistress: Do not. Forceful: Do.Vicki: Sorry, boss. You do.  Forceful: Uh!! You know those hallucinations you said might pop up... Mindmistress: No, this is Vicki who posed as my 'administrative assistant' at the medical complex.

Forceful: So this is a hologram? Like that doctor on that old Star Trek show? Vicki: Hooboy.  Forceful: I did a cameo there once... Mindmistress: Your Hollywood memories later. what'd you find out, Vicki?Vicki: For a huge complex, there's surprisingly little in Chinese databases...except this old map. Mindmistress: Memorized it.  Forceful: In one second? Vicki: Why'd they close it?---We're referred to living officials.

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