Vicki: For some reason, I haven't been able to interface with the Complex's computers. I'll keep trying...'bye, boss-lady. 'Bye, good-looking.  Forceful: So...what now?  Mindmistress: We'll take the high ground.Mindmistress: ---And since  you can leap much higher than I can---how about a lift--? Forceful: 'know, I'm starting to feel like A beast of burden... Mindmistress: Nonsense!! and...giddyap!!

Forceful: These weighted boots---plus your weight---don't expect more than seventy-five-foot leaps--- Mindmistress: that still beats my twenty-foot leaps. Look for something...unusual.  Forceful: Like what?Forceful: Uh...nevermind.  Mindmistress: Like that, for instance? Forceful: Still not a hallucination? Mindmistress: Not unless we're both having it. Too bad...I always enjoyed piggyback rides as a kid...

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