Forceful: So what is it? Emerging from that stream--- Mindmistress: Some kind of fluid shifting being---perhaps able to manipulate surface tension. A creation of Forethought---or his captor?Forceful: does it hear...move...think...if it's only...water?  Mindmistress: I don't know. If it's a creation of Forethought's...his mind is far beyond mine... Flow: Fafaforethathought....?

Flow: It issa fafaforbidden to knaknow of mimy mamaster...dadadrown!! Forceful (Caption): The voice was like a stream gurgling...then---so quick! Like a snake striking...she was enveloped in water...Forceful (Caption): No matter how fast her movements, it clung to her, a huge bubble of water--she had no time to prepare, to plan--she was drowning---on dry land.

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