Forceful (Caption): The flowing liquid-man has nothing solid to grab. Below me---at my feet---two shelves of stone---insert fingers---try to find a grip--and lift. Lift. Lift!!Forceful (caption): Long shelves of stone rip free--roughly a ton of rock in each hand. To me---they are no more than twenty-pound weights. I reposition my fingers--

Forceful (Caption): --And clap them together as hard as I can!! Parts of the rock crumble---a noise tears through the landscape like a sonic boom!! The ground...trembles. Snows...avalance.Forceful (Caption): Liquids ripple, part--whether humanoid or globes filling beautiful lungs--and a brain that makes Newton, Edison and Einstein look like the three stooges-- Mindmistress: *Hyufhfh* Forceful (Caption): --Draws breath once moe.

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