Forceful: You okay? Mindmistress: *Kaff* *Kaff* Yeah.  ....Thanks. I feel like a drowned rat, though.  Forceful: It felt good to save you for a change. Mindmistress: Notice this round globule? How it's holding together?Mindmistress: ---And inside--a small chip made of transparent materials---difficult to see in the water---the directing 'mind' of the to intensify surface tension.

Mindmistress: Look---the globule follows as I pick up the chip. The chip obviously did the thinking for it, also. Forceful: Weird. Mindmistress:  Brilliant design. But so small---not as smart as Vicki.Mindmistress: Look. Now it's forming a smaller figure---sinc eit has much less water to work with. Forceful: Careful...he still might be dangerous... Mindmistress: What's your name? Flow: FuhfuhFlow Mindmistress: Flow? Appropriate...

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