Mindmistress: Since that chip is your...self...I could alter it to make you...friendlier...of course, I'm not in Forethought's intellectual league---I might bothc it... Flow: Stop!! Don't!!Mindmistress: Then show us where Forethought is.... Flow: Thathis waway...he's huhurt... Mindmistress: Wow. Puddle to puddle---picking up mass each time.  Forceful: Um. Bi-zarre. Shall we---go with the Flow?

Flow: Dadown in thathat valley... Mindmistress: Finally. Forceful: But who could hold him---if he's smarter than you? Mindmistress: Like a schoolyard---the smartest kid is sometimes bulllied by a much bigger kid...Forceful: That him? Mindmistress: Yes. The greatest intelligence on Earth. Forceful: So why's he talking to a cliff? Mindmistress: Look closer. The cliff's carved into a human face...and it's talking back.

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