Mindmistress: Flow---he seems to be injured in one leg. Why didn't you save him? Flow: Orders. 'Stay away' he said. Forceful: I'm more concerned about that face in the cliff-- Man-Mountain: They're here, you know.  Looking at us right now. Forethought: Then you know--? Man-Mountain: Indeed. I've sent jet-drone and flame-tanks at them. They...surprise me. Resourceful and efficient...ants.

Mindmistress: Great. I can hear his booming voice even up here...I was hoping the jets and tanks were automatic defenses...no such luck. We'll...what's that noise?!?  Forceful: Bad. News.Forceful: Of all the awful luck.... Mindmistress: Luck? Forethought's captor controls a mountain the way y ou control your body. Hidden charges started te avalanche...the way we'd shrug off...crawling insects.

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