Mindmistress: Shed the boots---and jump as high as you can!! Forceful: But what of you--? Mindmistress: I'll be fine---but forethought can't walk--the snow'll fill the valley!!Mindmistress: ....He's helpless! Forceful:  Moving ten times faster than I used to, I unlatched the heavy boots that anchored me to Earth...anchors no longer needed.  Up, up and away. Kinda.

Forceful (Caption): Bracing myself, I leaped...trying not to think of her below---as tons of snow thundered and swallowed where we were. I hoped she wasn't revealing a suicidal side.Forceful (Caption): It was a broad jump...the only way to keep ahead of the avalance. Barely. --And I tried to ignore the marvellous heady rush I was getting while doing so. Skydiving pales.

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