Forceful: *Unfh* Forethought, I presume? Forethought: Now there's an entrance...and who are you? Forceful: Well...Mindmistress sent me. Forethought: Ah, Sophia? Good enough.Forceful: I'm going to have to move you---bum leg or not-- Forceful: Don't worry...I rigged a makeshift splint...even if it hurts---it'll be beter than being buried in snow.

Forceful: Okay, let's go!! Forethought: What happened to Sophia? Forceful: Sophia? Forethought: My pet name for Mindmistress. Forceful (caption): I was trying not to think about it---as the snow thundered in, unstoppable and irresistible.Forceful (Caption): It was a broad jump...the only way to keep ahead of the avalance. Barely. --And I tried to ignore the marvellous heady rush I was getting while doing so. Skydiving pales.

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