Forceful: You'll be safe here...on this mountain ledge...above the avalanche... Forethought: For now. Until Kun Wei Tai twitches another avalanche above me. This is his mountain---his second 'bod'.Forethought (Caption): ---But the mountain was originally a chinese Norad---one of several in Tibet--under the direct control of an increasingly unstable mind. ---If he unleashes the nuclear missiles---

Forethought: That's why I came here---rumors of what he became--until I slipped---broke my leg---and was left at his mercy. ---But you could enter that hatchway-- Forceful: Terrific.Forceful (Caption): One leap--and I was on that high ledge.  One tug---and the metal cover of the passageway came loose plastic. So strong---it's a little...frightening.

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