Forceful (Caption): Into the belly of the beast. Then what do I do? Strong As I am, this is an entire mountain-complex. Forethought's injured. Burdensome. I miss---her. The boss.Forceful (Caption): What about the madness that's coming? How can one tell---if one's going mad? What if I'm already mad? What if this whole a desparate, pathetic, power-fantasy?

Forceful (Caption): Oh, well...if it's just a hallucination, it's better than being an unmoving invalid. Screw reality. Also, these incandescent gases rising from my eyes make a convenient searchlight. Cool.Forceful (Caption): Now what?  Do I start to tear apart...a mountain?  Or have I voluntarily own tomb? Thousands of tons of rock above me...wait.  Lights ahead--?

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