Forceful (Caption): I followed the violet light; until I found... Forceful: I don't believe'd you escape the avalanche?  How'd you get here--? Mindmistress: Flow showed me the way...Mindmistress: ---But I'm glad Forethought guided you in, too.  Forceful: I thought you were done for--- Mindmistress: Oh, no. There were at least six ways for me to escape--- Forceful: Six!!?? Mindmistress: Of course.

Mindmistress (Caption): I was debating which of the six to use---when Flow showed me a seventh.  Mindmistress: Flow? Where are you going?  Flow: --To safety-- Mindmistress (Caption): ---As he oozed down a hidden portal.Mindmistress (Caption): Using all my strength, I wrenched open that hidden portal---following Flow's damp trail--the avalanche thundred by overhead---while I sped further down the rabbit hole.

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