Mindmistress (Caption): With his control of his own surface tension, Flow can even pour uphill---I followed him higher and deeper into the mountain.  Forethought evidently used him for reconnaissance.Forceful: So. Now what? Mindmistress: So now we-- Man-Mountain: ---Proceed directly down the corridor to the reception I've arranged for you--I am Kun Wei Tai---sometimes called the Man-Mountain.

Mindmistress: You always this hospitable--to trespassers? Man-Mountain: The first step in getting rid of unwanted lice...is to find them. Forceful: We're insects? So...this 'reception'...is it a giant roach motel?Forceful (Caption): After the darkness, it was like an atom bomb going off... Man-Mountain: If so...it's a four-star hotel.  Forceful: The light...so bright... Mindmistress: Give your eyes a minute to adjust...

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