Mindmistress: So...you got this 'spam' from every email address I have? Vicki: Yeah, but it's coded... Mindmistress: No. Just written in obscure or dead languages--Chocktaw. Mayan. Tjalkanti. ...All signed 'Forethought'.Mindmistress: Translated from three separate languages, it says: 'Help, Sophia--I'm being held prisoner by the Man-Mountain.' Forethought is smarter than I---if he's captured--I need help. Superhuman help.

Mindmistress: I could create a superhuman ally--with what I've learned from other realities--the problem is the spine.  I have to remake the bone structure--to bear immense weight.Mindmistress: But the same process would affect the nerves in the spine--making them too efficient--overwhelming the senses---driving one mad--almost immediately...unless--one already had spinal damage--
Click on that second panel, and it will take you to the previous story about Forethought, "Malice Aforethought".

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