Mindmistress: Mr. Bowman, I'm attorney Paula Solomon---representing Dr. Minnie Daniels. Doctor: The medical researcher? I've admired her work... Mindmistress: Dr. Daniels thinks a new treatment might help Mr. Bowman. Physical therapist: Dan... Dan Bowman: Word.Attendant: Careful...careful...welcome to Mentor Medical Center, Mr. Bowman. Dan Bowman: Thank you. I can't believe no charge...I'm still well-off... Mindmistress: We're ah nonprofit research group, Mr. Bowman. Ah'm Dr. Daniels.

Dan Bowman: This is a wonderful complex, but kind of isolated... Mindmistress: Deliberately so. We rest in ah thousand acres of rural Georgia...Ah'm...only here occasionally. Dan Bowman: You think there's.... hope?Mindmistress: Yes, indeedy. But mah methods are...unorthodox...onthe leading edge of medical research. Bowman: Your lawyer resembles you... Mindmistress: We share the same Daddy. Ah'm the country sistah.
Readers of the "Miraculous Mindset" storyline know that Paula Solomon is a pseudonym, one of several false identities MM has. (As opposed to Lorelei, who's her real other identity.) Dr. Minnie (short for Minerva) Daniels is another. So they indeed "share the same daddy"---because they're the same person.


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