Doctor: I've never seen a complex like this. It's like the hospital of the future... Physical therapist: I just want to see Dan. He sounded cheerful enough on the phone, but... Doctor: Surely he's fine..Vicki: Dr. Rider--Mrs. Bridges---my name is Vicki Hart. I'm the administrator of the Mentor Complex.  Dr. Rider: Amazing place. Vicki: Excuse me if I don't shake hands--carpal tunnel. Mrs. Bridges: Where's Dan?

Mrs. Bridges: Dan! Vicki: I'll leave you old friends alone-- Dan Bowman: Hey, great to see you! Dr. Rider: How you doing, son? Dan: Never better. I--I think I have some small feeling in my toes.Dr. Rider: You're in great shape...considering. Muscle tone, lungs, pulse---all good. You're on intravenous--? Dan Bowman: Sometimes. Part of the treatment, Dr. Daniels says.  Dr. Rider: Blue with sparkles--? What is this?
Old-time readers might have a suspicion of who "Vicki Hart" is. Remember Vicki, MM's A.I./hologram/assistant can assume any form she wants---this is just a minor variation. Which explains why she begged off shaking hands--one of the few things she can't do is make solid contact with anyone, being a hologram.

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