Mr. Hardy: The last few nights you've been heading a different way from your usual bus, Lorelei---what's up? Lorelei: Gotta friend inna hospital, Mr. Hardy--promised I'd visit. 'Night.Lorelei: Yeah, Vicki, I'm changin'---yeah, the alley's empty...yeah, the catwalk's here right on, I don't mind...anythin' for Leo's brother...and my favorite movie star.

Robot: Here, Mistress...the medical labcoat.  Mindmistress: Thanks. Not everyone can have a robot as a wardrobe mistress...time to turn on my Southern accent---and my best bedside manner.Now to turn on the charm, as Dr. Minnie Daniels---miracles don't happen without careful nurturing. I wonder how Forethought is doing...and what his captor is like.

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