Mindmistress: Doctuh Rider. So good tuh see yuh...how d'you think Dan looks? Dr. Rider: He looks excellent. Any measurable progress? Mindmistress: We think so... Dan Bowman: Let me show him, Dr. Daniels...Mindmistress: In ah minute. Let me check your vitals. Dr. Rider: What's in the I.V.? Steroids? Mindmistress: No. Somethin' a little more...unique. Somethin' special. Ah'll tell you more...when ah can.

Mindmistress: Easy, Mistuh Bowman-- Dan Bowman: Ungh! See, Dr. RIder? I can wiggle my toes. Dr. Rider: Remarkable. So you have achieved some progress. I have to go...you're in good hands.Mindmistress: Ah'm so glad you came, Doctuh Rider! By the bye---I noticed Mistuh Bowman still has his appensix, tonsils, and even wisdom teeth. Dr. Rider: Useless organs. Mindmistress: They'll come in--handy.

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