Mindmistress: A geothermal shaft---to power the complex---it must go on for miles!! Dan!! Dig your fingers into the wall!! Forceful (Caption): Even Industrial Lights and Magic would have trouble duplicating this.Forceful: Wow. I can dig my fingers into this---like it was peanut brittle. What's this wall made of?  Mindmistress: *Sigh* Solid steel. You're that strong, remember? Forceful: Oh. Right. Forgot.

Mindmistress: Ungh!!! I'm not as strong as you---but I can still jam my staff into a wall juncture---and make it into an impromptu flagpole!  Forceful: Hey, wait a minute...Forceful: I thought he needed you or Forethought?  Mindmistress: He does. There's a strong electromagnetic 'web' below---I can feel its tug. Falling further---my suit would've been 'caught' by it.

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