Mindmistress: Now we'll--- Forceful:  Wait. Let me try something-- (Caption): Then I pushed off from the walls---the fingerholds---with all my strength. Crazy?  Yeah.  But---what a rush!!!Forceful (Caption): Then I hit the geothermal shaft--pushed off---and sailed past MM---and she gave me a Mona Lisa smile.  Mindmistress: Showoff. Forceful: I'm an actor---goes without saying, right?

Forceful (Caption): I fell below her--digging my fingers into the steel walls---with a noise---like a million fingernails across a thousand blackboards. Mindmistress: Ewww....shoot me now.  Forceful: Sorry, Boss-Lady.Forceful (Caption): Then I swung around from one self-dug handhold to another---getting closer and closer to her....reaching for her hand--  Forceful: Lift yourself up on one arm---and reach!

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