Forceful (Caption): I wondered what the boss-lady was doing up there... Mindmistress: Dan! Man-Mountain: Too late. Now what will you do---separated from your only help? Now what you're helplessly---trapped?Mindmistress: Trapped?  Hardly.  Man-Mountain: Hmmm?  How would you leave--? Mindmistress:  Don't underestimate me. In five minutes I could be halfway around the world....on my 'catwalk'. But...

Mindmistress: After's pretty obvious that you need Elijah Burns...or myself. You're immensely powerful---we're tiny insects in comparison---barely worth your notice---and yet---Mindmistress: You need me for some reason---you're terrified of something---so, Kun Wei Tai---what are you afraid of--? What happened to your wife? Your father? Why be---alone?

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