Maggie-statue: You'll fail, you know.  Forceful: What--? A statue of---Maggie? What kind of trick--? You're a statue--you're dead--on both counts, unable to talk---it's---impossible.Maggie-statue: Impossible like a man leaping three hundred feet high?---Or lifting two tons with one hand?  Much less a spine-damaged man, unable to move at all? Choose your...impossibility.

Forceful: Maggie's dead. It's my fault, but I won't be fooled---aaaahhh!! Just reached fo ryou--too storng---too fast. Maggie-statue: Congratulations, Dan. You've kille dme---again.  Forceful: Maggie? Maggie! No!!!Mindmistress: You need me for some reason---you're terrified of something---so, Kun Wei Tai---what are you afraid of--? What happened to your wife? Your father? Why be---alone?

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