Flow: FuForceful... Forceful:  Flow? I wondered where you went---if I'm not hallucinating---of course it makes sense you'd finally end up in a huge pool...Flow: MuManMountain There... Forceful: Sure...that makes sense...he'd hijack to the one place where  I can get ahold of his real body. Not too likely, is it?

Flow: SuhSee? Forceful: Sonovagun. He is here. Man-Mountain: This is quite deliberate, I assure you. I am a prisoner here. And although I first considered you...disposable... Forceful (Caption): No voice effects or amplification. Weird.Forceful: Yeah, about that... Man-Mountain: Forget that. If I leave this hook-up...for more than twenty minutes---there is a fail-safe...that will doom us all.

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