Forceful (Caption): So what happens if you leave for more than twenty minutes?  Man-Mountain (Caption): As soon as no human is directly interfacing with the system---all doors and exits lock.Man-Mountain (Caption): The same 'deadman switch' fills the military-complex's corridors with nerve gas---after twenty minutes. Gas mask don't help---it enters through the skin.  Forceful (Caption): Wow. Paranoid much?

Man-Mountain (Caption): Then all eighteen nuclear warheads in the complex will go off--without being launched. The complex will be decimated.  When Elijah Burns wrote me---looked for me---I had...hopes.Man-Mountain (Caption): I thought maybe Elijah could give me some...relief. But he unfortunately broke his leg--- Forceful (Caption): Unfortunate---for you. 'Relief'? For how long? Hours? Weeks? Years? Unfortuante? ---Or inhumanly perceptive?

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