Man-Mountain (Caption): Supposedly I was blocked off from te commnications in the computer center. But I am the computer center. I easily bypassed that block. I found incriminating---damning--communications.Conspirator1: The Colonel---and his daughter-in-law---are eliminated.  Conspirator2:  Good. Kun Wei Tai is next. Man-Mountain (Caption): They also didn't know every camera and listening device in the complex--

Man-Mountain (Caption): --But when the head conspirators tried to leave the complex--I was watching controlling-- Conspirators: All the exits--closing--!! Man-Mountain (Caption): --Hundreds in the complex---but these two---planned the murders.Conspirator: *Cough* *Cough* Kun Wei Tai... Man-Mountain: You killed my wife. My father. The only people in the entire world that mattered to me...choke and die.  Man-Mountain (Caption): Everyone else fled.

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