Man-Mountain: You heard--? Mindmistress: Luckily, your pseudo-face here mimicked everything you said to I repeat--what are you afraid of--? Man-Mountain: Of the sky....falling.  Mindmistress: Okay, Chicken Little. Explain.Man-Mountain (Caption): My father and I were involved in China's satellite program...but were made the fall guys for a secret cadre inside the Chinese government.  The satellites were launched...

Man-Mountain (Caption): ...But four of our satellites carried an extra package. A small but powerful nuclear an altitude fuse. The satellites were deliberately placed in a decaying orbit...Man-Mountain (Caption): All four will fall to Earth--tonight.  Mindmistress (Caption): So you contacted Elijah Burns---the one friend you still trusted--hinting at a threat---luring him here--- Man-Mountain (Caption): Wait. There's more.

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