Mindmistress: Waitasecond...how high will they be when they go off? Man-Mountain: Three hundred miles high.  Mindmistress: No!!! They have to be stopped!! Forceful: Huh??? Three---hundred---miles---high?  That's good, right?Man-Mountain (Caption): It's clear who's the brains around here... Mindmistress (Caption): Quiet, Kun Wei Tai. Dan...do you know what an EMP blast is...? Forceful (Caption): Uh...M<indmistress (Caption): A blast that high spares lives initially...but...

Mindmistress: The higher the explosion, the more area affected.  At 300 miles above the central US, most of North America's databases and circuitry would be--- Man-Mountain: --Decimated. Gone. Fried.Mindmistress (Caption): That includes car ignitions and batteries---imagine rush hour! ...Or airplanes in mid-flight...cellphones and communications dead...nineteenth century technology returns to--  Man-Mountain (Caption): North America. Western Europe. Australia-- India.

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