Man-Mountain: The controls for the EMP bombs are down this corridor---cut off from my main systems---but those lasers will trip steel doors... Forceful: Lasers, huh? Got an idea....Forceful: This cable pulley could be adapted easily... Man-Mountain: To what? Forceful: I can't fit through those lasers. You can't either. Did I ever mention the sport I excel in? Archery.

Forceful: Okay...two-thousand pound draw on the compound 'bow'...steel cable for the 'string'...fifty-pound steel shard for the 'shaft' contorller five hundred yards down the tunnel...Forceful: Bullseye!!! Man-Mountain: Wow. That's like a rocket launcher, not an improvised industrial strength archery set--- however, there's a control center further down-- keyed only to my retinal patterns and thumbprints.

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