Man-Mountain: Only my father---or I---could access the weapons control center---but if I stop controlling the mountain-complex, nerve gas is released...I need a substitute. You.  Forceful: Me??Mindmistress: Why him? Why not me, Kun Wei Tai? Man-Mountain: I need you to help me...come.  Leap in the shaft-- I'll bring you here.  Mindmistress: Riiight. Oh, well...

Man-Mountian: I'm calibrating the various sytems to accept you... Mindmistress: Yow!!! Air pressure passenger travel... Forceful: Yes...yes, I can start to feel feel...everything.Forceful: I can feel it---feel the outside of the mountain, the wind striking it...or within the mountain, tremors and landslides---I...never realized how small I was...before.

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