Mindmistress: So...without someone 'minding' the command center---nerve gas floods the corridors in twenty minutes?  Man-Mountain: Yes--and it takes at least a half-hour to go down this corridor.Man-Mountain: Only my father---or myself--can pass the retinal or thumbprint scans---to get into the weapons control center.  Mindmistress: --And you need me along why--?  Man-Mountain: Patience.  You'll see.

Man-Mountian: Because like many Cold War weapon systems---launch codes are deactivated by two keys---turned simultaneously---across a room.  Mindmistress: So two are needed---the orbiting nuclear devices--?Forceful: The satellites are descending---I can see them---track them---almost touch them---but I'm cut off from the controls where you are. Hurry, people!!

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