Man-Mountain: See the locks? We have to turn the keys together... Mindmistress:  Waaaayyy ahead of you. The deactivation code?  Man-Mountain: 'Hesperides.' Crippling the rest of the world will hurt China, not help it.Man-Mountain:  Ironically, the cadre that planned this--was executed on other grounds.  But their plan is still in effect--- ready?  Mindmistress: Always.  Man-Mountain:  On my!!!

Forceful: Guys....the satellites just dipped below three hundred miles...above the Midwestern U.S....Central Europe...the Indian Ocean....between Australia and New Zealand.  No boom. You did good.Man-Mountain: Oh, by the way...although I couldn't directly access this center as the complex's controlling intelligence--my machines could sabotage some of the wiring...surprise. Mindmistress: Aaaaaa....Aaaahh!!!

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