Man-Mountain: Superior intellect, huh? Riiight. This access shaft'll connect me to the surface...of course, I could disable the nerve gas 'deadman' Forceful from what I endured....nyyaaaaahh.Man-Mountain:  Years trapped there---exercising in the same room---bathroom breaks hurried--dozing, never fully resting---Dan Bowman has spinal damage--he's used to such a life---he's perfect.

Man-Mountain: To really feel the wind on my face---to see other people---to taste food someone else prepared--to admire other women again---to be free again. Free.Forceful: The satellites burned up...but the aliens are attacking! Readying missiles.... Man-Mountain: Aliens?? Ooooh, no! --He's hallucinating---like he did before. He'll start World War III--- fighting nonexistent aliens.

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