Man-Mountain: Luckily, over the years---this complex developed more hidden passageways than a bad horror movie. Dan Bowman!! Can you hear me?  Forceful: Y-yes.  Man-Mountain: I can help---wait for me! Forceful: Hurry!!Man-Mountain: Bowman? Forceful: You here to help me kick some alien butt?  Those slimy, tentacled-- Man-Mountain: Oh, yes. Let's save the world from those 'filthy invaders'. So...let me take over.

Forceful: You sure? Man-Mountain: No one knows this complex and its defenses better than I do...and you can be more useful--using your strength against the 'alien hordes'. Forceful: Makes sense.Forceful: Okay...let's take out that city-sized saucer over the White House... Mindmistress: Hello, Kun Wei Tai.  Man-Mountain: So. You survived. You expect an...apology? Take care of your delusional friend.

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