Mindmistress:  I'll take care of Dan---like this. Forceful: Eeeya--oh. Right. It doesn't hurt.  Man-Mountain: You're setting him afire? Mindmistress:  No.  Just sutting down all the systems that boost his strength--and hallucinations.Mindmistress: ---To restore him to his original, spine-damaged self.  Man-Mountain: I...never liked you, Bowman, but...I wouldn't wish this on... Forceful: Save your pity. I'm not the one stuck here.

Man-Mountain: How will you escape? I control all....exits.... Mindmistress: This is my 'catwalk', summoned minutes ago. Presto-- one exit.  Man-Mountain: Trapped again---because I wouldn't let a madman start thermonuclear war.Forceful: Remember, I am an actor---and a delusion about invading aliens is easy to fake---thought you'd just leave me here, huh? Gotcha.  Man-Mountain: All...an act?

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