Mindmistress:  You're a cruel, cruel man, telling im that... Forceful: He deserves that, after flash-frying you that way...how'd you survive? Mindmistress: My suit is partially insulated...not well enough, obviously--Mindmistress (Caption): I felt sorry for him---but I had to find out if he was trustworthy.  Man-Mountain (Caption): I could have disabled the 'deadman switch'...and didn't.  I'm such a fool.

Man-Mountain (Caption): Now I'm alone.  A mountain virtually my other 'body'...but alone.  Forceful (Caption): So you gonna tell him? Mindmistress (Caption): Tell  him what? Forceful (Caption): That you disconnected the 'deadman switch' when you came to.Mindmistress (Caption): Later.  Much later.  Man-Mountain (Caption): This entire mountain I control---is just a bigger...tomb.  Telescopes augment my senses.  Computer centers augment my mind.  I've never felt so isolated...so small.

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