Forceful: So back to the oddest doctor-patient duo ever.  But...given it wise to...leave him in charge of nuclear weapons?  Mindmistress: I's covered.Mindmistress (Caption): I get the feeling we were a feint...a diversion--colorful pawns in a complex game of chess... Forethought: So--you've finished?  Flow: Yesssss... Forethought: The missiles? The major weaponry?

Flow: I disabled them all... Forethought: Good. That's why I made a 'liquibot' flow anywhere---to use his control of surface tension---to disable any system---subtly.Forethought: Kun Wei Tai will never know--- unless maddened, he triggers a missile strike---and nothing happens.  Well, time to be moving on... Flow: Wwwhere... Forethought: I'll...give it some thought.

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