Dr. Rider: So how'd the treatment go--? Mrs. Bridges: Heyyy, Dan. Lookin' good.  Mindmistress: Ah think the treatment---went even bettuh than expected.  Forceful: What she said. Mindmistress: ---But ah'll let yuh examine him yuhself.Forceful: Okay, watch this--- Mrs. Bridges: Y-you moved your whole foot---and leg!! Dr. Rider: That's amazing, Dan!  Forceful: She says it'll be months before the next treatment--- let my body recover--

Dr. Rider: Good news, Dan!  You seem stronger and healthier than ever! You can leave anytime. Forceful: Yeah. Doc Daniels says I'll regain more and more mobility with each treatment.Forceful: Well, bye, 'Doc'.  Mindmistress: Great! I'll contact you when it's safe to do another 'treatment'---a dozen treatments---and you'll be normal. Forceful: Normal? Not enough. It's miraculous or nothing.

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