Mindmistress: Once reproduction takes place, evolution and natural selection are inevitable--but DNA is an incredibly complicated macro-molecule--how DNA arose from relatively simple, unliving molecules---remains a profound mystery.--Explanations have been offered--

--A preexisting 'RNA' world...that liad the foundation for the later DNA molecule----Seeding by comets' organic molecules--

Amino acids accumulating on tidal pools in an ancient ocean--Molecules combining around geothermal vents underwater--

--Patterns in clay or crystal, perhaps forming 'scaffolding' which RNA would form on--Mindmistress: --But every theory, every hypothesis, every conjecture--all have serious objections. ---All have flaws.

Vicki: Well, this came from a meteor--the 'Mordred Strain' is named NNA---Nebular Nucleic Acid.  It may be the missing piece in the DNA-origin puzzle. Simpler than RNA--Vicki: --Yet would leave components for RNA---after it decomposes. This meteor, however, landed at the worst possible place--an abandoned Georgia stone quarry---where three prison escapees--murderesses---were hiding.




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